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I still remember the sound of your voice. [entries|friends|calendar]
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[22 Feb 2005|04:13am]
[ mood | content ]

i gotta new journal..I dont kno if im gonna stop usin this one or not..
soo alllll my friends add this one -----> ___get_overit

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yes !! [20 Feb 2005|11:46am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

yes...feelin 90% better...finally gettin outta this house tomorrow...6 days...sheesh...way to long :-/...to bad we have to go back to school in 2 days :-/...lol's

here's a few more fer ya ;-)Collapse )
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bored...outta my freakin mind !!... I HATE BEIN SICK !!..IM GONIG STIR CRAZY !! [17 Feb 2005|11:55am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

click it ;-)Collapse )

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Mid-Winter Break !! [17 Feb 2005|10:13am]
[ mood | restless ]

Yess..finally mid-winter break...nd im sick..YESS !!!! :-/
soo while..are u dorkers are in schoool...im coughin up a lung...bored...
...enjoy !

o yes...u guessed it...:-pCollapse )

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Coughin Up A Lung :-D [16 Feb 2005|12:25pm]
[ mood | sick and sad ]

Valentines day was 2 days ago
I guess it wasnt as bad as i thought it was gonna be :-D
Thanks AUSTY fer the m&m's :-*
Thanks MICHAEL fer the valentines gram :-*
Thanks RON ((nd all the other guys who wrote a few thoughtful words..lmao..yah right.. :-p)) fer the valentines gram :-*
Thanks ANGIE for the valentines card :-D
and got a few cute lil things from my rents...:-D
Soo...as of right now...im coughin up a lung..nd i have a slight fever...yes !!
2nd day i've missed school..im gonna have soo much homework :-/
everyones leavin fer florida today fer all of winter-break :-(
what am i gonna do all break !! :-p
Tomorrow hopefully if im better...
i get to go dancin wit theresa nd britt 8-)
...i hope i am....


I'll act like im okay...Collapse )

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[13 Feb 2005|09:40am]
[ mood | content ]

Snoball game wit Theresa nd Britt
Theresa nd I had the same shirt on..haha's
sat next to Dyer Megan Andrea Ani and Mell nd Dana sat in front of us
Jv game..we lost...but Good Job Fellas !?!
Varisty...won...awesome game 8-)
I almost fell gettin back up into the stans nd gettin back over to my seat..haha's...thanks D ;-)..ur'a lifesaver :-p

Snoball !!
Woke up at 2 o'clock..o yes 2 o'clock
nd D was commin over at 4:30....yupp...nd Juli was commin over early to get ready together :-D
cuz like they had to clean up the house nd stuff..nd shower in 2 hours...nd like the shower had noooo hot water
so we didnt get ready in time..Juli came over..nd we got ready together
((i loved er dress ;-)*))
then D came...i told him not to bring me a corsage..but he didnt anyways
it was beatiful !! :-D
took pics and all that jazz
went to dinner at Olive Garden...not bad
The dance was awesome !! ;-)
to bad after the dance there wasnt anything going on :-(
o welll..it was still an awesome night ! :-D
THANKS D :-D :-*

all i kno is that were takin my grandma out to dinner.....thats all i kno...lol's

Valentines Day
is tomorrow !!...
i guess im kindda excited fer
but..then kindda not........I think im gonna wear all black ;-)



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AHHH !!! [11 Feb 2005|10:54am]


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Woah... [10 Feb 2005|04:08pm]
[ mood | good ]

hung wit derek
movies wit stebie !..
we went to see Hide n Seek....it was a good movie :-)...nd the endin didnt suck ! :-p..haha's..thanks again fer taken me stebie !! :-*
Soo the past week in school..everyone has been out wit the flu...its just crazy !
usual...school day....funny.....bornin....practice.....yah kno..."the usual"...hung wit mike ones of those days...cant really remember...the days just blur together...lol's...o nd "Tickle"...tee hehe's..O yah at practice...our freakin coach left us !?!...yah left us wit no keys...Theresa gave him her keys to hang on to while we ran....welllll we started walkin about nd he drove away to get the other girls...well we thought he was commin back......buttt...no...lol's...so we had to go into the community center...ran into mr.k and he left...called my mom..to come nd pick us up..lol's...mr.k came back wit mr.p behind him...nd right behind him mr.mann pulled up...ah ha ha...wutta a-i-r-h-e-a-d !!!?!?!?!?!...gawd...lol's
SNOBALL basketball game.....o yes...everyone should be hitttin that up ;-)
nd then Saturday
snoball :-D

Valentines Day...
                          next monday
yet..y am i excitied ?


A few random pics ;-)Collapse )
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I'll update fer real later 0:-)....my ode to music... [05 Feb 2005|04:47am]
[ mood | giddy ]

   I have realized that im allllway listenin to music...nd if im not..it feels like somethings missing
                  I grew up around alot of different music
oldies...country...jazz...hip hop...r&amp;b...a lil rap...
                        u name it i've probly listen to some type of that music
I probly listen to music that your rents have listened to when they were teenagers :-p

Trapt_EchoCollapse )

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"What Did You Kill A Wildabest fer that thing ??" [31 Jan 2005|04:14am]
[ mood | flirty and creative ]


omg..durnin school...haha..me nd britt hadda take a test cuz we were absent that day...so she took us to this other room...lmao..that was the hardest i have ever laughed in a while !!...haha's...thats all i can say bout it..lol's....umm's...i dont remember what i did friday...lol's..o wait..maybe i do a lil....i kno i did a overhaul on my room...listen to sum music..ooooo yah....sumtimes u just get in one of those mooods..where u just wanna clean nd listen to music..well this was the day..lol's  8-)
juli was supposed to come over nd spend the night nd ish..but she couldnt :-/
*juli..y do our plans always get messed up ?!?!!?...it never fails...lol's...next week fer sure :-p*
soo then i just chilled wif stebie...got a cinnabon...cuz i was cravin one fer like weeks..haha's..nd then rented the movie
Garden State..which was an okay movie...lol's..kindda weird tho...
drove round wif derek...gotta slurpee....watched a movie...just chilled :-D
        ((michael...lub u sweet<3))
just the usual...
...today was a good day tho
lots of funny moments...
        gawd...i absolutly adore my friends :-*

thats bout it....thats a quick lil over view


O yes...it is another one of these 0:-)Collapse )

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Shes just like a maze..all of the wall continuely change...** [28 Jan 2005|09:00am]
[ mood | creative and loved ]

This week wasnt half bad...
im gettin closer to certain friends..nd its awesome :-D
condition fer track is going good...glad to be runnin wit the girlies again :-D.....coachs are finally startin to really notice me...only took them a whole freakin year !..sheesh..i thought i was gonna haveta run naked fer them to notice me...bout damn time..haha's
what else...i guess isnt gonna be much of an update...i bet ill update more on it lata bout the weekend ((JULI POOLIE !!!! :-D))
...fer the select few who prob. actually read this thing...lol's

...people can really be soo immature...its not even funny....y cant people just grow up ?..nd stop being so selfish...common now..that was soo elementary schoolish...sheesh
...its gettin old...nd everyones gettin fed up with it :-D

 ...such sweet<3's :-D...wuv ya both !!

oohhhhhh reeeeaaaallllyyyyy ??Collapse )

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I've done alot of foolish things that i didnt really mean Hey, hey yea, yea, didn't I, oh baby [22 Jan 2005|03:55pm]
[ mood | amused ]

my cuz invited me up to her college fer siblings day
nd rents said prob yes :-D !!!!!
hopefully they wont change there mind
she says Reel Big Fish might be playin up there..:-D

i was supposed to go to the girls indoor track meet...but i couldnt make it...sorry ladies..im sure u guys kicked ass !! 8-)
went to the j.v game wit stebie ((cheerleaders on steroids..ah ha ha !!!!))..he stayed for most of it..he left..nd i sat by lemon, tyler, justin nd a few other people. After the jv game juli nd lauren came up..nd we watched like 5 mins of the varisty warm up session..lol's..then we left to go to the play. so we had to go through like the concession stand..nd the lady stoped juli nd lo nd were like. "U guys are going in your uniform ??...if i find out u were lyin to me ill come get u"...lmao..we were like wtf ?..
we get there..say hi to everybody
the plays start dandelion nd then Wiley and the Hairy Man
both of them were awesome !!!!! :-D
gawd..everyone did sucha awesome job !
nd Joey...:-D
Dandelion was soo cute nd funny and Wiley nd the Hairy Man was soo excitin ! :-D
if u didnt see them...u totally missed out !!!
after the play we stayed after a bit nd congrad everyone on how awesome they were in the play :-)

because of all this snow..i hope my plans arnt ruined :-(

*cough cough..snow..snowmoblie stebie !...cough cough* ;-)


awwww....gotta love them oldies 8-)Collapse )
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What Do You Call This ?....hes a slave driver..i think they used these at the nazi camps [18 Jan 2005|08:45pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

went to the movies wit stebie saw "In Good Company"
it was a cute movie :-D some parts were funny...but like i told stebie...
i would rather go to the movies to see something blown up, a comedy, or a thriller
nd he called me a guy :-p...lol's..what a girl cant like it when someone blows up something ?..or would rather see that instead of a gushy love story ?...sheesh...stero-typical :-p

Yesterday i started runnin wit the girls again !! :-D....boy did i miss it...gonna try nd make it to there meet friday ! :-D
o nd i have gym first hour now :-D..nd my whole freak schedule is switched around !..o yes its wonderful....hmm's..i dunno what more to update on.....o..i miss my lunch table !! :-(...i still like my 2nd hour lunch table..but..i kno that sounds pretty pathetic..but hey..u guys made my lunch fun ! :-/.nd sum of u..thats like he only "class" i have wit u...lol's

got sum random convo's
imsoaust: I was for about a minute or two when I read your away
imsoaust: :-O
^...yes u all see it..austy has feelings..even tho he says hes cold as stone..here is proof !

L i L S BeRNiE: u kno wut..i had a dream last night..that i tried out fer the cheerleading team...lol's...thought i would tell ya :-P
Xo DyeR BabE: lol
Xo DyeR BabE: thats cause secretly you wish you were on it with me =-O:-*
Xo DyeR BabE: and you knowww it
L i L S BeRNiE: :-[..yes...
L i L S BeRNiE: it is true
^damn it..now she knos :-/ ...:-p

LeMonZ 52 07: wanna have a popcorn party with me
LeMonZ 52 07: ?
L i L S BeRNiE13: duh ! of course 8-)
^LITTLE LEMON ! :-p..lub u sweetie !?!

good quote:
"Pressure is nothing more than  the shadow of  great opportunity"

good lines from a book
" My heart is afarid that it will have to suffer", the boy told the alchemist one night as they looked up at the moonless sky
"Tell your heart taht the fear of suffering is wrose then the suffering itself, and that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in seach of its dreams".

*Jon, I will try nd make it to your play...:-)..i cant believe u are gonna drop that class :-/..i think u have real potential ;-) :-p


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Tooooo BE REEEEAALLLL...... [16 Jan 2005|12:08pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Lets start with an update on whats been going through my head lately.This week\weekend has been..lets put it as a "very emontional". I guess i kindda got the whole friends thing figured out...i think...i totally screwed a friendship up...which im truely sorry..nd i kno that wont be able to fix it :-/..nd im not one to mess with someones mind like that...nd i kno no matter how much i say that..its not gonna make things better...but then again...your friend totally crossed the line..she dosent even kno who the hell i am.....nd two can play at that game :-D....o and by the way...she made things worse :-D
yah right now im in sucha good mood at the moment :-D...gawd..nd it feels soooo awesome that my friends have my back :-D
*luv ya guys !*
update on my weekend nd wut not

droped off blanket
got spence..drop him off  ((whole big ordeal happened..not gonna go into detail...but..it has been resolved :-D))
steve nd i..got stake n shake...went to the bowlin ally....drove around....hung out...always a good time :-)...he then dropped me off..took da puppy to the vet..went and got food at like the beesssttt sub place ever !...lol's...came home..another huge ordeal happened which shouldnt of happened in the first place...but u kno wut...i just shruged it off...nd like i said...two can play at that game :-D...chilled around with my mother nd father

Slept in 8-)..yessss...lol's...was supposed to go to the cheer comp. but ended up now going *sorry :-(..i tried !..but im sure u guys did awesome ! :-D*...so cleaned up my room...theresa kindda talked me into finally startin up on winter track :-p.....steve then came....we drove got cinnabon...slurpee's...nd rented the movie "Saved"...it wasnt bad..pretty funny
Mother-"When God closes a door he opens a window" 
Daughter-"Yah to give us something to jump out of"
...ha ha
juli poolie called..chatted fer a bit...
     after the movie...we flipped back nd forth through the channels nd watched the worlds strongest man comp. i think nd Funniest Home Videos.....nd whoa...i swear..some of those guys arms nd legs are like the size of my head..lol's...sheesh...its amazing\crazy
*steve nd I are gonna drive to the bahamas...;-)...haha's*
...steve then left..nd here i am :-D

who knos !.....O:-)

few...random things....
...thanks stebie !!...your the awesomest !?! :-D
....thanks spence :-)
Juli poolie...i hope your havin funn !! :-D
HAPPY *16* BIRTHDAY RONALD !!! :-D..hope its was awesome :-D
Michael..call me nd well hang out another time ! :-D

at the moment..im like obessed with this song...for sum reason it puts me in sucha good mood...its an old old old song from like the disco era..8-)

Cheryl Lynn_ Got To Be Real**Collapse )
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uhh...i could just...err ! [13 Jan 2005|10:23pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

not much of an update
..ill update more...later

i just wanna say this one thing...
       gawd...i just love it how certain friends of mine...treat me like shit :-D
i just love it....i cant believe i even call u my friend(s)
..but whatever...not like anyone cares...but then again...why should i even care ?...i should just be like hell with u


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we gotta puppy !! [09 Jan 2005|03:11pm]

not really a goood pic...but isnt he just toooooo cute !!! :-D...He was born on a dairy farm. Hes so fat...hehe's....cuz they fed him cows milk...hes 1 outta 7.
*Jake Daniel Bernas*

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TGIF !! :-D [07 Jan 2005|02:30am]
[ mood | chipper ]

The first day back was okay not as bad as i thought it was gonna be kindda wished we wouldnt had a longer break.It went by soo fast..but then again..if they gave us 1 more week....i would be sayin the same thing "If we had a longer break"....gotta go back sometime
welp..this week i've been tryin to get back in shape fer track nd stuff....gawd..i wish it was easier....1-2 days..lol's..*poof* u're in shape..puff....if only...lol's
I dont think i have ever laughed soooo hard in my life today...haha...I think i realized today i have tonz more guy friends then girls. other then that...school was typical.
Going to go look at a new puppy today :-D...hes like an hour away tho...already picked out a name fer him..that is if we get him Frankie 8-)....
ahhh isnt he just tooooo cute !?!?! :-D...he so reminds me of my boo boo ((no other dog is gonna be able to replace him)) :-(
hmm's...i found this somewhere on the interent

i love the meanin behind it......dont do what people want u to just be yourself...dont try to fit in and dont worry about what other people think of you...

(Green)Stacie Orrico_Stuck (Purple)Kelly Clarkson_The Trouble With Love Is (Blue)Kelly Clarkson_Behind These Hazel Eyes*Collapse )
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I think im gonna cry... [02 Jan 2005|09:45pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

The time has come for school. I soo dont wanna go back and what sucks more is that finals are a week after we get back...sheesh. O well we have to go back sometime. Well today. I went to the movies with Stebie Lo-win nd Adam. The movie sucked !..do not go see Darkness its a waste of money...As soon as the movie ended everyone in the theartre was like.."Thats the ending ?"...it was horrible. After we were going to go hang at Laurens house fer a bit but I hadda get home cuz my rents were going out nd sis wasnt home. So at this very moment...my sister is in the other room watchin Scary Movie 2 nd im here bored\sad\lil crabby...u kno wut..im just a whole bunch of emontions..lol's. good nd bad...nd it kindda sucks...lol's. I guess i have a few reasons why im feeling like this but i dont think i wanna go into detail :-/ ((and bore the hell outta anyone who thinks this is worth reading..lol's))
I just...ah !

*i should also start running again nd get back in shape fer track :-/


I dunno..i think im addicted to these things....I should seek help..lol's**Collapse )
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And as a new year begins I start off with...... [01 Jan 2005|09:06am]
[ mood | creative nd lazy ]

A new year....2005...sheesh last night i forget who said it...i think it was Dyer ?..or Lynnette ?...or was is Kral ?...o who knows lol's...someone said it....but they said "Wow...we only have 2 more years"..nd thats kindda scary....2 more years...nd the "REAL WORLD" begins...hmmm
okay...anways...im soooooo glad 2004 is over....im not sayin that 2004 was a total bust..there were tonz of awesome moments...but there were tonz of horrible moments also...which i dont think im gonna get into detail..cuz i dont think people really wanna hear
"101 reasons why 2004 sucked :-D"
just glad now everything can start out new :-)
movin on.....yesterday...had a few people over at the last min....i felt bad cuz i coudnt invite everyone i wanted to..nd if u were one of those people who are reading this nd probly thinkin..."that bitch"...im sorry :-/..nd i totally thought of u !..When the ball dropped it was just dyer kral nd me...we were runnin round the house blowing horns..jumping up and down...being idiots..lol's...((sayre was a no show !..u loser lol's...lynnette left to go over laurens fer a few wit brandon...nd lauren nd adam had to get back to her house..nd steven nd spence had to be home before midnite))..after that we watched the lil after show of singers and bands nd such...made ramon noodles...danced...chilled...nd stuff....after all the hype settled down...chatted...played this board game..((ah ha))...
Laid down at 3ish....lynnette kral nd dyer all feel asleep round 4:30-5ish...left me to watch Pretty in Pink..til i finally fell asleep at 7ish...loser :-p
Woke up...lynnette left early...then kral...nd then dyer
I then got in the shower and stuff..scot dropped off my cd ((THANKS SCOTTY :-D))..nd went out to eat at this mexican resturatant down in detroit....gawd..i love that place...lol
came home decided today was gonna be a lazy day....just gonna chill round..stuff my face and such
...watched the ROSE BOWL....i knew TEXAS WAS GONNA WIN !?!?!...woohooo :-p

I hope everyone had\have a awesome New Years\eve ! :-D


goodbye 2004....hello 2005 !Collapse )

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[31 Dec 2004|05:06pm]
How to make a LiL_S_BerNie

3 parts pride

5 parts crazyiness

5 parts energy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of fitness
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